Your benefits instantly
Highest degree of reliability and fail-safe operation
Huge modular system for the optimal gear unit solution
High efficiencies
Rapid worldwide availability
Comprehensive accessory program
Five output shaft versions for easy link with the work machine
Available as a person gear unit or a Drive System

Established as the commercial standard, used worldwide
Mining and Cement: conveyor belts, bucket elevators, crushers
Cranes: hoists, trolleys, container cranes
Power Generation: cooling towers, drinking water turbines, hydrodynamic screws
Plastics and Rubber: single-screw extruders
Pulp and Paper: paper machines
Water and Wastewater: aerators
Meals and Beverage: agitators, aerators

Diversity and versatility – the application solutions
With its range of helical gear units, Ever-Power now has by far the biggest number of application-specific solutions and is thus in a position to meet nearly every drive technology requirements in hundreds of industrial and raw bevel helical gearbox material extraction applications.

Price, functionality and reliability – the universal gear unit solution
Today, our industrial gear units are specially valued by our customers due to their high level of availability, their quality and their attractive price-performance ratio. Our collection of universal gear device designs is properly supplemented by a wide variety of standard choices such as engine bell housings, backstops and taconite seals. Because of this, our portfolio offers a virtually unlimited selection of design options. The apparatus units’ compact style, the choice between horizontal and vertical set up, the many mounting types (bottom- or shaft-mounted gear units) and the simple attachment of auxiliary parts present you with maximum flexibility when designing your plant.

Helical and Bevel-Helical Equipment Units
Standard gear unit which may be installed horizontally or vertically
Nominal torque range between TKN = 3,100 Nm to at least one 1,400,000 Nm with 28 sizes
Nominal transition range from i = 1.25 to 450

Over 1,000,000 versions, but only 1 original
The Ever-Power helical and bevel-helical gear unit portfolio is the most comprehensive range of commercial gear units in the world. It includes a multifaceted selection of universal gear devices, application-specific gear units and customer-specific solutions.