China fluid coupling
KX is a constant stuffed fluid coupling with a specific patented oil circuit designed to start up big inertia devices pushed by electrical motors

Oil or plings-3.jpg]#drinking water constant fill
Compact and low starting up torque design
High temperature Viton seals
ATEX layout available
Measurements from 15 to 29
Power from a hundred to 1340hp
Inner fuse plug
Typical programs:

Opened h2o fill for mine apps

China fluid coupling
BM-Series Flexible Couplings

BM Equipment Couplings are created for shaft-to-shaft set up, ideal for all engineering needs the place a ongoing transmission of power is needed.

Positive aspects:

Practically routine maintenance free – “NO Grease Required”
Shock and vibration damping
Payment of misalignments
Swift and easy alter of flexible factors
Fall short-protected and able of withstanding large overloads
17 distinct dimensions offered with torque ability exceeding 33100NM (24,414.56 lbs-ft)