With the many commercial gearboxes available today, it’s important to match the proper type of precision gearbox gearbox with the drive, motor, and load. Whenever a machine needs a servosystem (drive and electric motor), the gearbox type is crucial for accurate and repeatable motion. Planetary gearboxes fit the bill for servo applications.

High-precision helical planetary gearboxes are a great choice for applications that need accuracy and reliability. Planetary gearboxes have very low backlash ratings (typically ranging from one to nine arc-min), and when sized correctly provide a service life of over 20,000 hours with practically no maintenance. Helical planetary gears also provide very tranquil and more efficient operation as compared to competitive products.

Precision gearboxes are carefully machined to high tolerances – think clockmaker, not blacksmith. They provide power densities that translates to small bundle size and efficiencies of 90% and greater.
Servomotors often drive loads directly with no need for a gearbox, but in many applications it’s advantageous to make use of a gearbox between the motor and load.

One main cause to use a gearbox is torque multiplication. It lets designers make use of smaller sized servosystems that consumes much less energy. Instead of buying relatively huge servodrives and motors, developer can use smaller parts, saving space and cash.

Output torque boosts in direct proportion to the gear ratio, and top velocity of the result shaft decreases. If a credit card applicatoin can withstand the reduced speed, a relatively little servosystem can supply high torque.