All power take-offs are specifically designed for driving hydraulic pumps to SAE J744C series ‘B’ specification with splined insight shaft and either two-bolt or four-bolt fixing. The utmost power which may be transmitted is 22 KW (29.5 bhp) per 1000 rev/min engine speed; this equates to a torque of 209 Nm (155 Ibf.ft. – 21.33 kgm.).For PRM1000 the clutched power take-off gives pump rotation the same as the engine, where as the direct drive power take-off for the PRM500 and PRM750 will give opposite rotation. Capacity to the pump isn’t affected by the normal utilization of the gearbox for propulsion responsibilities. All ancillary power circuits powered by PRM power take-offs should be designed in accordance with the recommendations of the hydraulic apparatus manufacturer, and should be correctly safeguarded against overloading.
PRM power take-off devices fit on the trunk face of the main gearcase and so are driven by the input shaft; consequently they can be operated at all times whilst the engine is usually running, The power take-off replaces the end cover which is normally installed and performs the features of the end cover by sealing the gearbox against lack of oil and properly positions the input shaft back bearing. Power take-off models provide the link between the gearbox and the hydraulic pump.

Direct Drive Power Take-Off
Available on the PRM500 and PRM 750 the immediate drive power take-off is driven directly from the gearbox input shaft; consequently it’ll operate at all times when the engine is definitely operating, and since there is absolutely no clutch for disengagement of the hydraulic pump, provision must be manufactured in the auxiliary hydraulics circuits for pressure by-complete to the reservoir when capacity to the pump is not needed. A pair of 1:1 ratio gears, providing enough offset between the gearbox result shaft and the centreline of the energy take-off to ensure there is enough clearance between your hydraulic pump and propeller shaft coupling.

Ever-Power PTO Shaft
Series 6
1-3/8 inch 6-spline tractor end yoke and a 1-3/8 inch 6-spline FD2 clutch on the implement end
FD2 clutch
Collapsed length: 47 in.
Prolonged length: 60 in.
62 HP at 540 RPM
98 HP at 1000 RPM
FD2 clutch attaches with one bolt that matches a groove on input shaft of rotary mower

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