A pulley can be caused to rotate by creating longitudinal vibrations in a cord that passes over the pulley. For little amplitudes and high frequencies, the motion of the cord is certainly too small to note and the pulley seems to be spinning with no cause, creating a impressive effect. Pulley rotations were observed for a number of pulleys and cords; almost any such system will work. The acceleration and direction of the rotation depends upon the many physical parameters of the machine: vibration frequency and amplitude, cord stress, and the radius and instant of inertia of the pulley.
Welded pulley:
While welded pulley is welded and machined parts pieces into a whole, the machining and material cost is high.

Spinning pulley:
Spinning pulley used stamping and spinning technology, during the production process, it is formed simply by extruding the complete part materials. These pulleys have high production efficiency. Not only can it save raw materials and cost, but also can be used longer because of its better wear-resisting and rust-proof. At this point this pulley is certainly well loved in the high-end market in the auto sector, home appliances industry, machinery industry ETC. We are haapy that you request our mature and professional spinning technology.

V-belt Spinning Pulley, Metal Pulley, Split Pulley for Lawn Mower
Product Details
Model Number:P100-42 10016
Brand Name:Renchi
Origin:China (mainland)
Key Specifications/Unique Features:
V-belt spinning pulley steel pulley split pulley for yard mower
Material: scorching rolled steel plate
Thickness: 4.0mm
Out diameter: 122mm
Weight: 0.390kg
V-Belt type: SPB
Surface area treatment: zinc plated yellow
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Ever-power C339SP Grab clamp with spinning pulley
The Ever-powerC339JS Get Clamp with Spinning Pulley is flexible and fast, and thanks to its pincer jaw design could be affixed to a wider variety of round or square pipes, beams and bars than traditional clamps. It has a push-switch lock for extra basic safety and 3.9″ pulley for raising curtains or other articles in TV, video and photographic studios and theaters. The Grab Clamp will hold up to 331 lb.
– Zinc-Plated Steel Construction
– 3.9″ Pulley
– Load Capability: 331 lb / 150 kg
Ever-power Get Clamp with 100mm Spinning Pulley
About Ever-powerGrab Clamp
The C339SP is fitted with a 100mm diameter pulley to offer a quick and robust hanging point for TV and theatre sceneries. The grab clamp has been made to be installed on a wide variety of beams, pipes and bars, whether round, square, or rectangular in section. It requires no adapter – just open up and clamp it.